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Oral B White Luxe Advance Seal White Strips

Many ­oral hygiene companies have been jumping on the teeth whitening bandwagon. Between social media and influencers always showing off their white teeth, and people just wanting to brighten their smile, there are more and more individuals wanting to know what products are out there.

Oral B had released their white strips, but due to the high demand and improving technology, they released a new and improved Luxe Advanced Seal range. This new range has two products to choose from, a simple strips pack or a strips and LED light pack.

Quick and easy to use, these strips are enamel safe and many begin to notice a difference within 10 days, leaving you with a radiant smile.

How does teeth whitening work?

Your teeth have pores just like your skin or a sponge. Anything you put in your mouth that has color will absorb into those pores. Wine, coffee, dark berries, and smoking are extremely active in staining teeth. Over time, the natural color of your teeth becomes darker due to these stains. These stains will never go away unless you actively remove them.

Many people have sensitive teeth. This is generally caused by genetics, thin enamel, or cracked/damaged teeth. During the whitening process, it is completely normal to experience some more sensitivity. The teeth become temporarily dehydrated which restricts the tooths ability to insulate from changes in temperature. 

The best time to whiten your teeth is just before bed. This is because your teeth are more susceptible to restaining - the pores in your teeth are slightly open, allowing stains to enter. Dentists and healthcare professionals recommend that you whiten your teeth just before bed as it reduces opportunities to stain and gives your teeth a chance to rehydrate overnight. 

Not everyones teeth can be perfectly white, but Oral B's 3D White Luxe Advanced Seal Whitening gives everyone the opportunity to reduce the severity of those pesky stains. 

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