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What is so great about Natures Way kids vitamin gummies?

Feeding kids a healthy, balanced diet can often pose as a challenge. Taste, texture, smell and even colour can affect whether a child will enjoy a particular type of food or not. Fussy eaters can make planning meals for the day quite a difficult task. Even non-fussy children can still have types of food or even entire food groups that they avoid, meaning they might be missing out on important vitamins and minerals.

Those vitamins and minerals support a host of growth and development functions in the body. Vitamin A is used by the body for proper eyesight and immune system strength. The B vitamins are important in converting food to energy; tissue repair, especially the skin and eyes; and supporting a healthy nervous system. Vitamin C is well known as an immune system supporter, and an antioxidant. Vitamin D is used in organs all around the body, while vitamin E is useful in keeping cells healthy.

The minerals also have important work in the body. Calcium is essential for strong bones and good nerve and muscle function. Iron is fundamental to red blood cell function as it transports oxygen around the body and assists with energy production.  Zinc, too, does its job in helping wounds heal up and boosting the immune system.

There are lots of reasons to supplement your children’s diet with vitamin gummies.

1. They are an easy way to get kids to eat nutrients they might be missing. Kids (and adults, too!) love gummies, and most gummy vitamins taste great. So, when the battles over food become too much, it can be reassuring to know that your child is at least getting a pack of healthy nutrients in their gummies.

2. If you are careful and research what gummies you are giving your kids, it is possible to target the gaps in their diet. It is important to read the labels and understand what they contain and in what amounts so you can be sure they’re not getting too much of one thing or not enough of another.

3. If your family or child has restrictions on their diet, gummy vitamins may help supplement the vitamins and minerals that may be missing due to the dietary restriction.

4. Knowing that your children are taking gummy vitamins during times of potential inadequate dietary intake gives you the peace of mind that they are being offered a range of the nutrients their growing and developing bodies can use.


Check out the Natures Way website for more articles on healthy living for both you and your children.

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