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BioSlim VLCD - An Easy and Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Thinking of a less complicated option? BioSlim VLCD is an easy and healthy alternative. Made in Australia, there are 5 different flavours of shakes, 3 bars and 2 soups that can be used in replacement of meals. Developed and reviewed by healthcare professionals, each meal contains the correct amount of vitamins and minerals to provide your body with the right amount of nutrition it needs. 

BioSlim VLCD shakes are a quick and easy option for on the run, just mix 200-250mL of cold water and shake. As easy as that! 

Weightloss is a journey that can cause unnecessary anxiety, BioSlim VLCD is specially formulated for weightloss, easing any extra stress.

What is VLCD?

VLCD (Very Low-Calorie Diet) are formulated, nutritionally complete, liquid or solid meal containing 3,350kJ (800 calories) or less per day. It provides an amount of energy that is significantly less than the body needs a day, forcing it to draw out of the fat stores. 

Weight Loss Program

BioSlim VLCD supports the weightloss journey by providing customers with a three stage program. 

1) Rapid Weight Loss: 

Designed to produce rapid weight loss for those with a BMI greater than 30. 3 meals a day are replaced by BioSlim VLCD products for a maximum of 12 weeks. 

*Seek medical advice before commencing this stage*

2) Steady Weight Loss:

This stage replaces 2 meals a day, designed for those movin on from stage 1 or for those with a BMI between 25-29. This stage can be continued until you reach your ideal weight. 

3) Easy Maintenance:

This final step of the VLCD weight loss program replaces one meal a day, accompanied by a healthy diet and 2 non-VLCD meals a day. 


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